What you can do

1. Sign the petition. It’s useful to sign it, but any petition, no matter how many names, only counts as ONE objection. Update: The online petition is now closed but there is a paper version on the bar at the pub.

2. Lodge a formal objection to the plans.  Click “Comment on this application”, and log an ‘objection’ (not a comment!). See here for help on what to say when lodging your objection.

3. Contact your local councillor and ask them to represent your views to the planning committee. Find out how to contact your councillor. See here for help on what to say to your councillor.

4. Help us distribute leaflets to tell people what is happening. We want to distribute leaflets to every home in the area. We will also be leafletting outside Willesden Green tube station. Contact us and come and join in!

5. Download posters and leaflets to distribute or display in your window.

6. Spread the word on social media.

Visit our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter. Let people know what is happening.

What to say when making your objection

When making your objection either on the application or to your councillor, we have identified 4 main points, which have relevant policies from Brent Council, London Mayoral office and at the national level.

Use all or as many of these points as you wish but your objection will be more effective if you use your own words rather than copy and pasting. Add your own views and include your experiences of using the pub, especially if you have  attended community events that the pub has supported.

1. Loss of public house/community facility
Brent Council’s CP23 protects community and cultural facilities. The London Plan 2011 prohibits unacceptable loss of an operational public house which performs an important community role (which was successfully used to save The Wenlock Arms and The Lord Clyde recently). The National Planning Policy Framework, paragraph 70 specifically protects public houses.

2. Loss of a building in a conservation area
The Queensbury is a handsome building that is in harmony with the rest of the Mapesbury Conservation Area. Brent Council’s policy BE27 is that buildings in a conservation area cannot be demolished, partly demolished or in any substantial way altered unless they positively detract from the character or appearance of the Conservation Area.

3. The replacement building does not fit in the Conservation Area.
It is too tall and wide, and does not complement the other buildings (contrary to Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, part 72)

4. The proposed residential tower block will have a negative impact on other, Listed buildings in the area
Willesden Green tube station is Grade II listed, and will be overshadowed by this structure. It is out of character with other buildings: LP policy 7.4, which seeks to protect local character, and LP policy 7.6 on architectural quality.

It is also worth noting that in addition to supporting local community events, The Queensbury also hosts Busy Rascals and National Childbirth Trust courses and classes, and has a dependent, sister business – the Deli – that will be unsustainable should the pub be closed. These groups and businesses all contribute positively to the whole area. Losing them would be a big blow to the vibrancy of Willesden Green and NW2 in general. Plus it is a jolly nice place to go to eat, drink and socialise!