Save The Queensbury

Do we want to go from this:

to this?

Our local pub, The Queensbury at 110 Walm Lane, Willesden Green, is under threat.

Fairview Homes owns the land that The Queensbury is on and has applied for planning permission to demolish the pub and build a ten storey residential tower block in its place.

The Queensbury is not just a pub and restaurant, it is a social venue and community hub. If the pub closes, the activities for children and parents (run in the mornings and at weekends) will close.

The Queensbury’s sister, The Queensbury Deli, will become unsustainable and will also close.

We want to save The Queensbury for the community but we do not have much time.

A formal consultation by Brent Council on the development is underway during November and December so please visit our ‘what you can do’ page and submit your objections to the Council now!

We will be updating our blog regularly, you can find out the latest news by clicking here.

Please note that the Save The Queensbury campaign is independent
of the pub management and of political parties.