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  1. Hi I have just received a letter from ‘Green Issues Communique’ on behalf of Fairview New Homes. they are inviting people to a public exhibition and discussion about the new proposal for a community hall and cafe to replace the Queensbury Pub. I am sure yu will have received the same letter and will have noticed that Green Issues is part of the COllege Group and one of their areas of expertise is ‘crisis management’. A community hall is not a pub that will attract people of all ages – especially the 25-35 year olds who make up the bulk of the Queensbury clientele and the new building does not have the character of the old building.
    We know there is a cross party initiative to provide more housing in the capital but where are all the new residents going to socialise? if there is nowhere in WG they will take their £££s to Queens Park or stay in the West End near their office jobs.And where will they park all the extra cars that these new flats will inevitably bring to WG?
    yours Francine Lawrence

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