110 Walm Lane development proposal – The Queensbury pub


Fairview New Homes (North London) Ltd bought the Freehold from the Conservative Association in 2012 and lodged a planning application to demolish the pub.



The Queensbury leases part of the building from the freeholder.

In October 2012 Fairview applied to Brent Council for planning permission to demolish the existing Queensbury pub and former Conservative Club buildings and erect a residential development of up to 10 storeys without a replacement pub. 55 flats, 10 of which would be “affordable.” The scheme did not contain a pub and so this campaign began and Fairview went back to the drawing board.


In November 2013 new plans, for a 10 storey block with a pub, were submitted.


Brent refused permission in March 2014 and Fairview appealed.


We took full part and that Appeal took place in February 2015 and was refused.


Fairview New Homes (North London) Ltd changed its name to Redbourne (Queensbury) Ltd in September 2016.


Redbourne submitted three new plans – one in January 2018 which was refused by Brent in May 2018 and two in December 2018.

2019 – June

Both new plans – referred to as Scheme A and Scheme B were both refused in June 2019. Refer to Spot The Difference for details. Redbourne have appealed all three.

2019 August – the first of the three schemes mentioned above (image below) was subject to a Public Inquiry and the outcome is expected in November 2019.

Walm Lane compared

2019 October – the Appeals for Schemes A and B (below) has started, with comments required by 8th October and a public inquiry date to follow early in 2020.

Scheme A – now at AppealScheme A

Scheme B – now at Appeal

Go to the planning inspectorate website to post comments on these plans.