999 Save the Queensbury

On our 999th day of campaigning we had another visit to Brent’s civic centre and another marathon meeting. And yet more success. 

We achieved two things tonight. 

First, Brent is adopting a ‘pub protection’ policy. This will mean extra scrutiny on developers who want to close viable pubs. This is a major achievement and will help pubs like The Queensbury, The Corrib’s Rest and others purchased by speculative developers. 

Second, the ‘local list’ of protected buildings is to be reviewed and we’ve been assured we will be involved in that process. Remember, Brent didn’t value 110 Walm Lane when it took a decision to demolish. It was only at the appeal stage that Brent disclosed the historical importance of the building, largely thanks to our persistence. We’ve asked to be involved and will update this site when we know more about how you can be involved. 

With these two things in progress we are better prepared for a new planning application, should Fairview Homes submit one. 

Stay with us and look forward to another 1000 days! 

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