Good times for a change

Save The Queensbury began in October 2012, so long ago that some of the babies using Busy Rascals have now started school but we do have two pieces of good news this month.

Since 2012 we have been asking Brent council to protect the pub by adding it to their “local list” of buildings of interest. At last we’ve seen progress and Brent have revised their local list (for the first time this millennium) and we understand 110 Walm Lane will be included on it. Thanks to all who recently wrote to Brent council on this – your persistence has paid off.

Second, we have become a cause célèbre for pub protection locally and Brent has finally agreed a sensible policy to give its pubs special consideration when development is proposed. The policy still needs to go through various rubber stamping procedures over the coming months but the hard arguments have been won. Pub protection means that a developer has to make a case that a pub is no longer valued / used by the community, otherwise it has to be protected. (You may remember the skulduggery of 2013 when Fairview’s PR consultants tried to tell the community that the pub was loss-making and failing, to justify demolition. Brent did not have a policy to force the developer to prove this was the case).

These two things (and the ACV listing) will protect the building and the pub. We really can relax a bit now, having done all we can to stop demolition… at least until the next move by Fairview Homes who have been very quiet since losing the appeal earlier this year.

Let’s see if we get a Christmas card from them and take it from there?


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