Hey ho, it’s off to the Ombudsman we go

Things have gone a little quiet since the appeal to demolish The Queensbury was refused in March.
We are still working in the background and last month returned to Brent Council with a formal request to add 110 Walm Lane to their “local list” of buildings. (Those on the list are given special consideration when proposals to demolish are lodged). The goverment Planning Inspector’s report on 110 Walm Lane is compelling and Brent should use this evidence to list the building and protect it.
We formally complained to Brent about their refusal to list the building (saying it’s run down and deteriorating) and asked for a reassessment in light of the inspector report.
We have also asked yet again for the council to adopt a wider pub protection policy and send a message to developers that the council will look very closely at applications which seek to demolish pubs.
Unfortunately, we were due a response from Brent by yesterday and yet again we have been ignored by those employed to respond to their communities. Sadly this is a regular pattern, so we will now move quickly to the next steps and make a formal complaint about Brent Council’s maladministration to the Local Government Ombusdman because time is not on our side.
Why the rush?
Fairview Homes own the site and they will want to develop it. They may be back with a more sensible plan or they may throw in the towel and dispose of the site (not sure who’d buy it though). Or they could take the Carlton Vale route, remove the pub tenant and drive a bulldozer through the building.
What’s to stop them? Proper protection from Brent Council, that’s what.

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