Another (!) Open Letter to Fairview Homes

Dear Fairview Homes,

We first wrote an open letter in December 2012, asking you to withdraw plans to demolish The Queensbury. You ignored us. At the time we had a petition of 1000 signatures.

We wrote again in April 2013 asking when is enough, enough? Signatures had swelled to 4000 and local feeling was clear. But still no response.

We had The Queensbury recognised for what it is – an Asset of Community Value and in March last year Brent Council (rightly) kicked out your plans.

By appealing this decision you clearly believe a tower is needed and wanted in Willesden Green.

The Save The Queensbury group can tell you it is not needed. The penthouse “Prestige” apartments with a private underground car park, along with the dire offer of affordable housing is clearly not wanted.

We look forward to taking full part in the public inquiry at Brent Civic Centre next week and countering the spin from your sharp-suited (and no doubt expensive) lawyers.

We are confident that an alternative plan is viable, which retains the building in a more sympathetic (low-rise) development.

That way Busy Rascals can stay, the pub can continue to thrive and family homes can be built. That is what Willesden wants and that is what Willesden needs.

The planning inquiry takes place at Brent Civic Centre from 27th January-3rd February (does not sit on Monday 2nd February). Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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