Make your voice heard at the Queensbury appeal

In the last update we highlighted documents sent to the Inspector regarding the appeal to demolish the pub, one of which outlined some “common ground” which heavily favoured the developer’s viewpoint. We wrote to Brent and have received a response.

Brent have confirmed to us that the “common ground” document was prepared unilaterally by the developer and they have not formally agreed any common ground. Same old Fairview. Brent assure us that officers will conduct themselves professionally throughout the appeal and are committed to robustly defending the Council’s decision. We will ask for an urgent meeting so we can get across our concerns.

Also, it appears there was a delay / error by Brent in sending out letters to those who had previously commented on the scheme. As such, Brent tell us that the deadline for responses is now 6th August rather than 1st. Brent also omitted to consult English Heritage (?) on the original plans but have now done so on the appeal. We do not yet have a date for the inquiry.

How to respond

The Council have confirmed that it can only contest the appeal on the basis of the reasons given for refusal in their decision notice. However we, as residents and interested parties, can raise any issue we want. Ultimately the inspector will judge what is relevant and what is not.

Please make sure your voice is heard. Bear in mind when you respond that the inspector will be most interested in the height, scale and mass of the building, plus its impact on the conversation area and lack of affordable housing. Brent say the proposals are not consistent with their policies and we agree. Let the inspector know that local people feel this development is not needed and not wanted.

Please email quoting case 2219081.

In your own words please tell the inspector how the landscape of Willesden Green will be severely marred by a tower that dominates the station, higher than the nearby church and dwarfing Erin Court (on the other side of the railway tracks). It will be almost twice the height of the new building next door at 112 Walm Lane.

The views from the station and from the conservation area will suffer greatly. The existing building is typical and befitting the conservation area and its proposed replacement is too bulky, too high and will stand out (in a negative way).

The level of affordable housing is not worthy of losing a community building, which is an asset of community value and heavily used by all sections of the community. Few flats will be affordable to local residents – look at the flats where the library used to be, now on sale in Singapore.

The replacement “pub” is an odd shaped space and will lack the character and flexibility that The Queenbury currently offers.

Finally, as ever, our two mantras are 1) It’s more than just a pub, it’s a community hub and 2) Build around The Queensbury, no not demolish it!

Please respond and please pass this on to friends and neighbours – anyone can write in regardless whether they’ve commented previously.

One thought on “Make your voice heard at the Queensbury appeal

  1. i’m a long – term and long – time resident and i do not want the’Queensbury’ pub
    or building damaged or demolished……….cheap quick-fix thinking….think on…..

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