It’s official – The Queensbury IS an Asset of Community Value!

And so, eventually, our persistence to have The Queensbury pub recognised as an Asset of Community Value has paid off. Brent Council finally confirmed today to accept the pub on their list, at the third time of asking. It joins Kensal Rise library as the only two buildings in Brent to be nominated and accepted as providing a significant role in their communities. Hearty thanks to the NW2 Residents Association for fronting the nomination on behalf of the Save The Queensbury campaign and to the pub for being so much a part of our community.

Why is this important? Being on the list means that if the building is sold, the clock stops for six months to enable the community to bid to buy it. More importantly for us, we will be pressing very hard to have the pub’s community status featuring prominently as a “material planning matter” when Brent considers the plans for The Queensbury early next year. Kensal Rise library set the precedent when plans for development were considered and there are other examples across the country where ACV status has played a major role in the planning process.

Plans have been submitted to demolish the pub. Sadly, Brent Council chose to decline our request to wait before formally consulting on the plans and went ahead regardless. We will now write to planners, asking them to send out further letters to consultees, noting the building’s status and extend the consultation period accordingly.

Meanwhile, ensure you mention the community asset status when you object to the current planning application.



One thought on “It’s official – The Queensbury IS an Asset of Community Value!

  1. Their ‘audit’ of the local area which they aim to use to discredit the ‘asset of community value’ status is not accurate. Its worth pointing out that the ‘isobar’ does not exist, neither does willesden green library centre, places they have called ‘restaurants’ are in fact takeaways, the ‘beer garden’ available in mcgowan’s is in fact a slab of concerete. All this evidences lies from the developers and is worth highlighting in the objections.

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