What do we want from Brent Council’s “Willesden Week of Action”?

This is Brent Council’s “Week of Action” in Willesden Green.

This is the week when graffiti gets removed and potholes fixed, as the Council dedicates some attention to our neighbourhood. It’s our turn in the spotlight, whoopee!

We are encouraged to tell Brent what’s important to us and to get in touch with them: LINK

So please do: we want to send a message, loud and clear, that we want the Council to support our campaign to save The Queensbury.

We want ACTUAL action and for this council to PROTECT our assets in whatever way they can. Other local authorities are protecting their assets by listing them as “Assets of Community Value” yet Brent have twice declined our attempts to list the pub as such.

We want Councillors to show some leadership. We want the Council to use the power it has and stand up for us, not property developers after a quick buck.

Write to your Councillor, talk to your friends and neighbours and tweet Brent Council using the #willesdenwoa hashtag. Tell them: we want action and we want it now.


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