Happy anniversary!

It’s a year since the plans to demolish the Queensbury Pub were first lodged.

On 3rd October 2012 Brent Council received plans to demolish The Queensbury pub.

It soon became clear that a tower block was not wanted or needed and this campaign was born. 95% of people responding to Brent Council’s consultation objected to the plans.

We campaigned for Fairview Homes to rethink. Plans were withdrawn with tails between legs.

The latest “exhibition” in July was a shambolic attempt to provide a community facility, in a bid to get this unpopular scheme accepted. We monitored attendance (given Fairview’s earlier lies) and objection increased to 96%.

Fairview cannot buy the community off with a token gesture “space” and cafe. We do not need more cafes in Willesden but we do need community hubs and a quality pub/restaurant as The Queensbury clearly is. What Fairview offered was a poor substitute – nothing like a replacement.

Fairview’s PR machine has tried all summer to court Councillors. They are also claiming finding some agreement with the Busy Rascals baby & toddler group. At the same time their legal machine continues to send the lawyers in to discredit Busy Rascals, via the Asset of Community Value process. (Busy Rascals are, incidentally, on the nominating group to secure ACV status – they are not convinced by Fairview or bullied and have not entertained a conversation with them either). It is very poor behaviour on Fairview’s part to claim otherwise.

Two Asset of Community Value nominations have been made, both met with lengthy legal representation forom Fairview’s lawyers – but we are timing our third attempt to go in very soon. This may not save the pub in its own right but it will give it the status it deserves. Expect another battle!

Thank you for your support. The pub’s management are in a difficult position (Fairview Homes are their landlord) but they are incredibly appreciative of our efforts. It is a long haul but we are going from strength to strength. Without your support the bulldozers would be moving from the Library to The Queensbury.

So let’s keep going until Fairview get the message. Pubs are threatened all over the country and we’ve been contacted by so many who’ve fought the same battle and have won.

Fairview Homes: you bought a pub, and a valued one at that. It’s a historic building, in a conservation area. It was a speculative gamble on your part but has it really paid off? We do not think it has.

It is a large plot. All we ask is that you build around our community, do not trash it.

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