Fairview’s plans revealed: confusion and disappointment reign

The Save The Queensbury group doubted that Fairview Homes would exhibit a scheme that retains Willesden’s flagship pub and landmark building. After all, they have a lot to lose by keeping The Queensbury and plenty to gain by building a 10 storey tower block on the site.

In spite of buying a 120 year old building and pub, Fairview seem hellbent on a scheme that literally bulldozes through the conservation area.

After day one of their exhibition the initial reaction of people to the “revised” plans has been confusion and disappointment.

The confusion is because there is nothing new. Fairview showed off the token gesture cafe / community space months ago and it was derided then as a poor replacement for what will be lost. There were no detailed plans today. Confusion because the online exhibition website asks for comments yet there is just one image, which gives some detail but it is simply impossible to read.

Disappointment because Fairview have missed an opportunity to win over at least some of the community by showing that they have listened and responded. Disappointment because Willesden is full of cafes, but empty of gastropubs yet Fairview simply do not get it. Disappointment because they still do not understand why The Queensbury works for Busy Rascals and why the replacement clearly will not.

Save The Queensbury group is made up of people who object on three grounds: loss of the building (conservation); loss of the pub (social value); and loss of Busy Rascals (community use). The “revised” scheme wins none of these people over.

So let us press on – you keep telling Fairview so that they get the message (louder and clearer) and we will once again ask Brent Council to list this site as an asset of community value.

Fairview – are you hearing? You certainly are not listening.

You can comment on the proposals online at http://www.fairview-walmlane.co.uk/

4 thoughts on “Fairview’s plans revealed: confusion and disappointment reign

  1. in this mini David/Goliath , where’s the big-hitter street fighter to buy them out or knock them out ? good luck !

  2. Why don’t Fairview just design a conservation area looking type building that fits in with the area, so we can see the real potential of the site? Designing a modern 10 storey building uses no imagination.

    I’m all for redevelopment of the site – just show me a nice in keeping conservation area type building.

  3. The design of a building should reflect both its time and also the area in which it sits. I wouldn’t like to see a pastiche of an Edwardian building erected. Personally I feel that the existing building sits nicely as a landmark building as you exit the station and signals the entrance to the conservation area. I have heard no good reason as to why the developers cannot adapt and extend the current building to incorporate residential units – by building on the car park and maybe going upwards by one or two storeys (max). That way the pub use could be retained while developers still do their job and make a healthy profit. There are numerous precedents for extending an existing pub building to include residential accommodation – The Wenlock Arms in Hackney is one such example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wenlock_Arms

    Why are Fairview not prepared to consider this option? Well the reason given is “financial viability”, which as we all know means simply “not enough profit”.

    • The Wenlock Arms example is nice, has features and is in line with my thinking. Brent Council only like to approve such designs like the wooden box on the Spotted Dog site.

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