Fairview to exhibit new plans to demolish The Queensbury

Have you received a letter from Green Issues Communique, inviting you to an exhibition regarding The Queensbury?

Fairview and their PR representatives are holding two “exhibition” sessions, at St Gabriel’s Church Hall (corner of Anson Road and Chichele Road) on Wednesday 17th July: 3–7pm and Thursday 18th July: 3–7pm.

THIS IS NOT A CONSULTATION ON THE REVISED PLANS – ONLY BRENT COUNCIL CONSULTS WITH US ON PLANS – NOT DEVELOPERS! These events are for the benefit of the developer – to sell an amended scheme so they can report back to Brent that they have engaged the community. The same attempt was made last year and left a lot of people very very angry, yet the same company return to the same venue to repeat the exercise.

You are encouraged to attend, tell your friends and neighbours too and give your views direct. We need to ensure that Fairview hear locals’ continued objection to the loss of the pub and give our views to counter the inevitable ‘hard sell’ at these exhibitions.

Please make sure that you tell Fairview that the debate about what to put on the ground floor of a 10-storey tower block is irrelevant; we do not want a cafe, nor a community hall, nor a commercial nursery in a replacement building – we want to preserve a fine pub in a historic building. Build around it, don’t demolish it.

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