We’ve come to wish you an UnHappy Birthday

Dear Fairview Homes,

We’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday.

A year ago (today) your plans were born when you appeared at St Gabriel’s church hall with a “consultation” to demolish a landmark community venue and replace it with a 10 storey tower block.

Your PR firm wrote to a few residents in June last year, about a vague address and with no reference to The Queensbury pub. Your PR firm claimed ‘nobody told us’ about Busy Rascals activities for babies and toddlers. You forgot to mention that the landmark heritage building is in a conservation area, with a thriving pub within. There was talk of short leases; the pub was going out of business. Clearly not true.

22 comments came from the two days. Plenty more have been made since. You will not publish the 22 comments nor have you provided them to Brent Council. Yet you claimed community support in your application to demolish The Queensbury pub (and with it ending Busy Rascals in our community).

You’re PR people have spent the last year undermining the pub and attempting to neutralise opposition. They have patently failed.

Some pretty low blows have been struck – not Queenbury rules at all. You’ve instructed lawyers to tell Brent Council that no part of the building is of any community use. You tell Councillors on the planning committee who you are working with, but didn’t include us on your invitation list?

A year later there is a substantial body of local groups and individuals representing business, charity and community sectors who are unanimous in continuing opposition to any plan that sees the building at 110 Walm Lane demolished. All that has been achieved in the last year is to make the feelings of those protecting the building stronger and stronger.

Busy Rascals are opposed to the loss of The Queensbury. The largest Resident’s Association is leading a bid to get it listed as an asset of community value. The Campaign for Real Ale is backing our campaign, along with an all Party parliamentary group. The Willesden Town Team are with us. The Queens Parade community also. Even the Mapesbury Residents Association is considering a vote – hardly pub goers or Busy Rascals users but residents views are clear.

We are sorry we didn’t get you a present or a card to mark this anniversary. We promise to get you one next year, if you build around the pub, not demolish it.

One thought on “We’ve come to wish you an UnHappy Birthday

  1. i hope that my voice and your voice are becoming too much of a flipping
    nuisance for ‘fairview’,…….there is already enough accomodation within
    ‘Mapesbury’ and, even though i am no ‘regular’ at the ‘Queensbury’, i am pleased that it is there and available (primarily) for other local residents.. There is no broken clock…..only coarse and in-house quick bucks !

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