Queensbury campaigner lobbies absent councillor and hits the headlines

A supporter of the Save the Queensbury campaign, furious at having her emails about the pub ignored, decided to pay her local councillor a visit.

The only problem was that he wasn’t that local. Rev David Clues, LibDem councillor for Dudden Hill ward, (whose boundary is close to The Queensbury Pub) moved to Brighton over 18 months ago. Although he remains a Brent councillor and collects his allowances of almost £8,000 per year, he does not respond to emails and the telephone number listed on Brent’s website is “unavailable”.

Both the Evening Standard and the Brent & Kilburn Times have reported on Kierra Box’s doorstep visit and Clues’ subsequent promise to resign. What they haven’t mentioned is that the two other councillors for Dudden Hill ward, who have been banging on about Clues’ absence for over over a year, have also remained largely silent about the demolition of The Queensbury Pub. Councillor Aslam Choudry (Lab) also failed to respond to emails about The Queensbury for over six months – when he finally did respond he supported demolition. Councillor Krupesh Hirani (Lab) says he has “no opinion” on the pub. It is clear that residents’ views are being largely ignored by all Dudden Hill’s councillors, whether they live in Brighton or Brent.

A Queensbury campaigner has already contributed heavily to one councillor’s decision to resign – if I were Councillor Choudry or Councillor Hirani I would not be too complacent.

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