The Queensbury is still under threat

Since yesterday’s news that Fairview are withdrawing their planning application to demolish the pub we, along with many other groups, individuals and councillors, have received an email from Fariview’s PR company stating:

“Following conversations with the planning team at Brent Fairview have decided to withdraw their application and re-submit it with a number of revisions. These involve, principally, an alteration to the site boundary so that it incorporates improvements to the pavement in front of the three shops to the right of the site. They have also increased the amount of non-residential space at ground floor level with a view to its including A3 use (which includes uses such as a coffee shop, restaurant or Bistro) and D1 use (which includes crèches and day nurseries).

These changes mean that the amount of non-residential space at ground floor level will be roughly the same as the current ground floor area in the Queensbury. At this stage Fairview are proposing that the split be along the following lines: A3 (one third) and D1 (two thirds).”

Clearly Fairview and the Council are still ignoring the vast majority of residents who wish to see The Queensbury pub and the historic building preserved. We will be calling a meeting soon to bring people together and to discuss our response. Keep checking back here for news.

2 thoughts on “The Queensbury is still under threat

  1. if enough do not want change, then if you are not listened to; vote them out and let them know that they serve us,not…us serve them-…..kindest regards

  2. it seems to this resident that the yand the accounts department et al
    agree that this proposal is a plus for all.
    what is a plus is having a local ‘pub’ where the floor, is not sawdust; unlike the
    brains and the abilities of the afore mentioned lubricants of this nonsense. we have a pub where Attila the Hun would behave himself ! it’s that sort of place.well
    …..what say you ?

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