A statement from the owners of The Queensbury

This statement has been issued by the owners of The Queensbury and also appears on the letters page of the Brent & Kilburn Times, 14 March 2013

To Who It may Concern

The management of The Queensbury, Willesden Green would like to put on record our thanks to all those who have shown support for the pub since a planning application to build a residential block was lodged late last year. We would like to particularly thank the Save The Queensbury campaign group and the Willesden community who have really rallied round us in appreciation of a great pub and restaurant. It is heartwarming to see people dedicating their time and wanting to keep such a great pub open!

But there are a few things that we would like to clear up….

  1. The pub has a lease to 2017 and we want to stick around. In fact we are interested in being part of a ‘replacement’ Queensbury if planners say the pub can be demolished and insist on having something similar in a new development.
  2. The pub is thriving. We are busy every night, it is a “viable” business and we are not about to close.
  3. “Busy Rascals” are not moving out. We love having the place full of children in the mornings and cherish our relationship with this group.
  4. We are not running the campaign to save the pub, it is the community who have come together (independent of the pub) to do this and we are very grateful for that.
  5. So, in a nutshell whilst we are in a difficult position (because our landlords want to demolish the pub) we are touched by the support shown to the pub.

It is business as usual!!

John Pryer
The Queensbury Willesden Green

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