Campaign update 20th Jan 2013

Progress since the last update has been considerable, but the date for a decision came…. and passed.

The petition on Brent’s website has ended (there’s a time limit on these things) with over 600 signatures. To put that in perspective it is on par with the various petitions surrounding the library closures over the last year.

Our own paper petition has over 2200 signatures, mainly via dedicated people making people aware of the demolition plans outside the tube station.

In terms of formal objections there are over 300 on Brent’s planning website and you can see that all of these are from NW10 and NW2 residents. These are the main users of the pub and its community facilities. A considerable number live in the Mapesbury conservation area.

Our 5000 leaflets have now been distributed and we’ll order some more shortly.

Crucially, we have information that the developers are considering alternative community space, perhaps even a pub. This all comes with a pinch of salt, because so far our request for a scheme that builds around community resources, not on top of them, has been ignored and the planning application to demolish the pub remains in place.

We think Brent Council have sufficient policies and precedents to refuse permission for any flats, let alone a tower block of 56.

You may have seen that The Phene Arms in Chelsea won its battle against development and the Planning Inspector agreed with the local council that demolition of the pub would harm the character of the area and the conservation area in which it sits. And that’s a pub whose actual owners wanted to change its use to residential, which has been refused. You can read more about The Phene here.

The Queensbury sits in a building that was erected in 1895 and since the early 1900s it has been used for people to meet and socialise. We see The Queensbury as a heritage asset to Willesden, in the same way The Phene is in Chelsea.

What’s next?

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29th January to discuss next steps. All supporters are welcome but it would be handy if you could let us know if you intend to attend. Keep an eye on this site or follow us on Twitter @QueensburySOS for details.

Lastly if you haven’t already had your say please do so by writing to your Councillor and formally objecting on Brent’s website. It’s still not too late.


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