An open letter to Fairview Homes

On the day after Brent Council’s statutory consultation to build a 10 storey tower block closed, the Save The Queensbury group calls upon Fairview Homes to withdraw its applications to demolish the pub and draw up a scheme that builds around the community’s resources, not on top of them.

It is clear from 1500 signatures on the community’s paper petition and a further 500 on Brent’s own website, that local people see a great social value in The Queensbury as a community amenity, a needed asset and an architecturally appreciated building.

It is clear that Councillors have got the message, they are concerned about the loss of The Queensbury on those who use it and will take the right decision on behalf of their residents.

It is abundantly clear that Fairview’s application underestimated the public’s views and that its own consultations were fell woefully short, to the point of being fundamentally flawed both in their design and execution.

The statutory process has at least highlighted the clarity of Brent’s own policies in the protection of this site and of the Mapesbury conservation area. It has highlighted the national planning precedents that have been set to protect such valued assets. It has made clear that London’s own policies protect the demolition of the building, which is in a conservation area and also protects community amenities in neighbourhoods such as The Queensbury.

 The community now looks forward to a scheme that is more befitting of the conservation area, protects The Queensbury, is more sympathetic of local needs and one that builds around the community’s resources, not on top of them.

Save The Queensbury Group.

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