Lies, damned lies and Fairview’s artist impressions

Come to Walm Lane where Fairview Homes will ensure the sun always shines and there are community spaces and cafes galore.

No, not quite true, but you might be forgiven for believing it if you’ve viewed Fairview’s Design Statement or artist impressions for the tower block that they propose will replace the Queensbury.

On these artist impressions of the tower block, just to the right of the picture, we can clearly see something which appears to be a cafe or community space. The outdoor tables and chairs evoke a sunny Mediterranean piazza where residents can mingle and socialise in the tropical sunshine that a 10 storey tower block will bring.

But wait. These buildings are currently occupied by a dry cleaner and a key cutter. Have they sold their land to Fairview too and are their premises included as part of the development? A quick check of the planning application and a word with the owner of the key cutting business reveals no such thing. It’s all part of the fiction that comprises Fairview’s thoroughly dishonest artist’s impression. In fact, the owner of the key cutting business was most shocked to hear of the pictures which have erased his business from the street.

Stalin would have been proud.

Fairview’s artist impression – where tower blocks never cast dark shadows and surrounding businesses are miraculously transformed


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