Councillors are not postal workers – demand more!

Since we began lobbying councillors about the Queensbury development we have had several residents report that councillors’ responses have been to the effect of ‘I will forward your views to the planning department’ or, worse, ‘I note your concerns’. This is simply not good enough. Many of us who have written to our councillors have already submitted a formal objection to the the plans. We don’t need our councillors to merely deliver post to the planning department, we need them to stand up for their residents and take a view themselves.

Yes, as councillors they are required to forward your views to relevant departments, but they are also required to represent residents’ interests. On an issue that is generating so much community feeling, sitting on the fence and passing the buck is simply unacceptable. If you get such an anodyne response from your councillor, write back and demand more. And let us know if their response improves.

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