Campaign update: 2nd December 2012

We had some new people attend the campaign meeting on the 27th November but lots of apologies due to the day and time. We will consider the timing and day of future meetings – it’s difficult to please everyone but please let us know which days of the week work best for you and whether 7pm is too early.

We had a brief update on the incredible progress made since the first meeting:

  • We have over 500 signatures on our e-petition making it the fourth most popular e-petition ever lodged on Brent’s website. The paper petition is running into thousands.
  • We have distributed over 4,000 leaflets. The leaflets are doing their work and more formal objections are being logged (almost 300 to date). Although this is phenomenal response to a planning application it’s still pretty obvious that many people are still unaware, especially those who don’t use the tube exit where the petitioners have been.
  • We have made contact with and received support from several local groups. In particular, from the Keep Willesden Green group, who are campaigning against the redevelopment of Willesden Green Library, Brent Fightback who oppose cuts to local services and the Willesden Green Town Team who are working to regenerate the area.
  • More Councillors have mentioned the development but no more have declared their objections, yet.
  • No news on the date for a decision. Brent’s planning website says that no decision will be made before 8th December but this is a little misleading. The Planning Committee meeting is not likely to be until the new year. Once we know the exact date rest assured that EVERYONE will know about it!

Points of action

Petitioning and leafleting

  • We will have a stand outside the big Sainsburys on Saturday 15th December to collect signatures and distribute leaflets, and also to raise some funds for the campaign. Can you spare just an hour to help sometime between 11am and 2pm? It might be cold but we’ll be full of festive spirit and you’ll be helping a great cause! Drop us a note here to let us know what time you can do.
  • The Busy Rascals Winter fare is on Tuesday morning (4th December) at The Queensbury so please pop along if you can. We do have a Save The Queensbury stand with leaflets and the petition to sign.
  • Please think about any other community events that you know are coming up and whether we distribute leaflets and petitions.
  • We will have a big push on leafleting in the new year, as soon as we have a date for the Planning Committee. We will be organising people to go out in pairs to cover key streets. Look out for some updates in early January about this.

We are running out of leaflets and we need cash to print some more. so please think about fundraising ideas. Do you know of any events where we could shake a bucket? Or any local artists/performers/DJs/musicians who would do a fundraiser? All ideas gratefully received.

Please continue to lobby your councillors. Some councillors have told us that although they will not take an individual view themselves they will pass on any comments they receive to the Planning Department. It is worth contacting your councillor even if you don’t like them or their politics! You can find out how to do so here.

In the meantime
Please continue with the great work, telling your friends and neighbours, ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, get in touch with feedback, ideas and offers of support. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever…


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