Growing number of councillors oppose Queensbury demolition plans

Carol Shaw (LibDem councillor for Brondesbury Park) has added her voice to the growing number of Brent councillors who oppose the demolition of the Queensbury.

In an email to the campaign she wrote:

“I object to the demolition of the Queensbury for the following reasons:
1) Lack of proper Consultation
2) Wrong type of housing. The proposal fails to meet Brent’s requirement for affordable and community housing
3 ) Loss of a much loved pub and community space and active frontage
4) Loss of a social hub

I will be speaking against this at the planning meeting.”

It’s just three days since we officially launched our campaign and already three councillors¬† (Labour and Liberal Democrat) have spoken out against the proposals. All three councillors who have objected so far have done so after being approached by residents.

However, there are 63 councillors in Brent. We need many more of them to speak out if we are going to save our beloved pub. If you haven’t already contacted your councillor with your views please do so now. They have a duty to represent your views to the planning committee. Three out of 63 is not enough!

You can find out who your councillor is and how to contact him/her by clicking here.


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