A second Brent Councillor declares an objection…

An objection from the address of Brent’s Cllr Jones, on the Brent planning site says,

“I have been approached by residents in my Willesden Ward to support their objections to this application and I refer in part to items in the pretentious Design & Access Statement. I do not consider the proposal enhances the location. The Queensbury has an important role as a family friendly meeting place. The height of the frontage apes rather than reflects sympathetically the local high points such as St Gabriel’s Church tower. Consider the plan for 56 flats excessive and contrary to the Design and Access Statement,it does exploit the potential for cramming in new homes.

Willesden appears a target for some aggressive development schemes that increases housing density without providing the amenities necessary to sustain them. There appears to be little regard to the impact on the local infrastructure such as schools and medical facilities. Brent is already pressed to provide sufficient school places and Willesden locality is acknowledged to have fewer general practitioners per 1,000 residents compared to other areas of the borough.

The proposal would bring overcrowding to the area rather than the vitality suggested. Disagree with the description of the current building as being of poor quality. It fits sympathetically with its neighbours. With a PTAL rating of 5 and proximity to Willesden Green Underground Station and local bus routes the development does not really need 50% car parking provision.”

SaveTheQueensbury calls on other Brent Councillors to represent the views of their residents in objecting to the proposal to demolish The Queensbury.

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