Support from Councillor Krupesh Hirani

Krupesh Hirani, councillor for Dudden Hill ward, has become the first Brent councillor to declare his opposition to the current plans to demolish The Queensbury.

Writing on his blog he states:

“I understand concerns in the local community about this pub. The pub is outside of my ward, but I know that it is important to many who live in the ward. I do agree that it is one of the more decent establishments of its kind in the local area. I was personally unaware of the activity for children being run at the Queensbury but from a weblink supplied by a constituent, it does appear that a lot of positive activity does happen”.

Councillor Hirani has submitted a formal objection to the planning application on the grounds that the the current development does not supply enough wheelchair-accessible housing. Section 5.78 of Brent’s Adopted Core Strategy requires that that all new homes are designed and constructed to Lifetime Homes Standards and that 10% should be wheelchair accessible/easily adaptable.

We thank Councillor Hirani for his support, but would point out that we oppose any development which seeks to demolish an historic building housing a thriving business and community space in order to replace it with a residential tower block.

Our petition now has144 signatures and objections now stand at 136, so come on Brent councillors, join your colleague, support your constituents, and get this proposal thrown out! You can view Councillor Hirani’s blog post on the development here and his letter to the planning committee via these links Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2


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