Responses Required – two more appeals!

Off we go again. This sorry saga makes Brexit look straightforward.

Comments from residents to the government planning inspector are required by 8th October. This is relating to the two schemes kicked out by Brent Council over the summer.

These will be decided by the government’s planning inspectorate on a date yet to be announced, likely to be early 2020.

Confused? You are forgiven. The Appeal that took place in August was the first Redbourne scheme and a decision will be published at the end of November. Timescales laid out in law means the developer cannot wait for that decision before appealing these two schemes (which are 99% the same and both see the existing building demolished).

Reasons to object to these two remain the same.

Brent refused permission because the loss of the current building outweighs the benefit of what is proposed, which at six storeys is too big for the location and contains a metal roof.

The flats proposed will have a permanent impact on the Mapesbury conservation area.

Yes there is a pub proposed in the new building (which has been likened to a railway station waiting room or airport lounge) and without guarantees, we point to the fact that Brent has lost 40% of its pubs since 2001. Almost all of these have been converted to flats and many closures promised new pubs as part of development. We cannot find  one single example where this has worked successfully.

Scheme A

Scheme A

Scheme B

Scheme B

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