Day one of #QueensburyPI

The Appeal on the demolition of The Queensbury began at Brent Civic Centre with opening statements from the developer’s QC, Brent’s QC and little ole us.

Mapesbury Residents Association came next and the Appellant’s QC tried to suggest that they had no mandate to object to the plans. The speakers, with 100 years experience of living in Mapesbury between them and serving MAPRA, put him in his place.

We opened up to outline why we are trying to save a pub that seemingly is safe (with a replacement promised), fearing that too little attention has been given to future pub protection. Our main goal is of course to save the existing building.

Brent’s independent design expert was hauled over coals. The QC suggested the building is four storeys; you cannot see the roof; there is s four storey block further down the road so what’s the problem? Look at Wesley Court and Erin Court etc etc.

When is a gable not a gable? What is a soft landing to a conservation area?

Brent’s Planning Area Manager and their expert both suffered from what the QC inferred a lack of time to prepare, given plans to defend the decision only started once the flawed plans of June were considered. Chickens coming home to roost.

Tomorrow is our turn to be cross examined. As ever we’ll look to save the building, thereby saving The Queensbury. We have strong worries that a pub in a new development will soon become unviable.

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