Public Inquiry

If you like The Queensbury, or dislike what is proposed in its place (or both) then you should try and get to the Public Inquiry from Wednesday at Brent Civic Centre.

Planning isn’t a contest of public opinion but public interest goes a long way so please pop along at 10am on Weds, Thurs or Fri this week. A show of strength reinforces our voice at the Inquiry, which is semi-legal and courtroom at times.

Brent Council are our friends and they will be cross-examined on their decision to refuse permission for Redbourne to demolish the pub. Brent have “witnesses” and once they’re done, it’s Brent (and our) turn to cross examine Redbourne.

Save The Queensbury have a formal role at the Inquiry as a Rule 6 Party, which is daunting.

So support from you, the public and pub lovers, would be great especially on Friday when we are cross examined on why we have worries over a replacement pub (and community space) and why we think the building should be saved.


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