Inquiry starts 28th August


The Queensbury pub bw

Brent and the developer’s agent have been beavering away to prepare for the forthcoming Appeal which starts on Wednesday 28th. Formal letters have been sent to all those who commented on any of the three Redbourne schemes (because they are so similar) even though the Appeal considers just one of these.

As things stand we still do not have a definitive timetable for the Inquiry.

Brent and the Appellant are working on a Statement of Common Ground which, once finished, is a useful document which does what it says in the title – they agree some basics (such as the plot is one that can be developed) which leaves the Inquiry considering the detail (mainly around conservation and the replacement design). They have also worked on a set of Conditions, which will have to be met should the Appeal be successful.

The Conditions are disappointing and fall considerably short on community space / access and pub protection in particular. They are nothing as detailed as the Fairview appeal which secured community access and interim space. Still no news of a kitchen for the pub either.

The Appellant has also submitted some revised drawings which is a little odd because surely the Appeal considers those submitted and refused already? Keep an eye on the Brent planning portal¬†or the Inspectorate’s site for more information.

Contact the Inspectorate direct if you want to speak at the Inquiry. Or just pop along and listen in if you’ve time to spare?

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