Once it is gone, it is gone for good

The QueensburyThe end of another tumultuous week which saw the developer sitting alongside The Queensbury pub operator, both supporting demolition of 110 Walm Lane.

It’s a strange campaign that saves a pub that doesn’t want to save itself!

The Queensbury management have been great for our community and great to us and we totally understand their position. Business is business and they have a business relationship with the freeholder at 110 Walm Lane. They are confident that the new space can work.

But Save The Queensbury is just as much about preserving the building (in a conservation area) as it is than saving the pub. Once that building is gone, it is gone for good.

As for the pub…. we are less confident. We asked on Twitter a few weeks ago for examples in Brent where pubs have closed and reopened as promised in a residential development. We could not find one example. Across London, we struggled.

The developer, pub operator and Brent planners were all asked this week – can you guarantee a pub in the new development? The answer from each….. a flat No.



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