Decision Day for The Queensbury – Wednesday 19th June 2019

Decision Day

Brent Council will be deciding on the fate of The Queensbury next Wednesday 19th June at a meeting which starts at 6pm at Brent Civic Centre.

There are two plans to demolish The Queensbury – one (Scheme A below) is recommended to be Refused and the other (Scheme B below) is recommended to be Approved.

We now hope that members of the committee will do as they did before and go against the recommendation of their officers.

Why? Both schemes are inappropriate at the location and both are strikingly similar to that already refused by the council. There is simply no logic in refusing two and agreeing to this one.

We have asked to speak at the meeting and encourage you to do the same, to make our voices heard. Contact at Brent council to request a slot.

Wednesday next week could be Last Orders for The Queensbury.

Act now: show your support by attending in person Brent Civic Centre at 6pm Wednesday 19th of June.

2 thoughts on “Decision Day for The Queensbury – Wednesday 19th June 2019

  1. I want to strongly express my objections to the plans to demolish the Queensbury Pub, based on the following points:
    1. Loss of pubs and community facility in the area
    2. Loss of a building of interest in a conservation area
    3. The replacement building does not fit in the Conservation Area.
    4. The proposed residential tower block will have a negative impact on other, Listed buildings in the area and would bring the value of those properties and the area overall down

  2. As a resident of Willesden Green I strongly believe that both Scheme A and Scheme B should be rejected in the most robust manner – as they are simply too similar to previous schemes already rejected. This specific development needs to be fully reconsidered before we regrettably lose a landmark asset to our community.

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