Madness of March

When it comes to saving The Queensbury, something usually happens in March. So STQ towers are a little nervous that it’s almost the last week of March and nothing much has happened, yet.

In March 2013 we had our one and only meeting with representatives of Fairview New Homes.

In March 2014 Brent’s planning committee threw out the application to demolish the pub.

In March of 2015 the government’s inspector threw out the appeal.

It’s now March 2016 and we can’t help feel uneasy that nothing of note has happened – least not that we’re aware of…

Still no news on when Brent Council will list the building locally and our efforts to uncover who took a decision to not proceed have drawn a blank. It’s a secret, apparently. Still no new planning application from the building’s owners.

Perhaps we’ll get to eat eggs stress-free this year?


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