Season’s greetings from Save the Queensbury

Another year draws to a close – and what a year it was.

At the start of the year we produced our case for the public inquiry, which took place in February and reported with a brilliant result in March. We won at the appeal which denied Fairview homes permission to demolish The Queensbury. Busy Rascals carries on with the children and tickets are on sale for a New Year’s bash for the grown-ups thanks to our efforts.

Since the appeal we have spent all year lobbying Brent Council to add 110 Walm Lane to its “local list” of valuable buildings but progress has been painfully slow. The “local list” was thoroughly reviewed, with officers spending months preparing the necessary paperwork but no progress has been made because senior staff at Brent Council have decided not to proceed. Nobody seems to know why. We are told there’s no conspiracy yet decisions have been taken at secret meetings (with no notes taken) and nobody can give us a timeframe. Countless emails to Councillors have been met with a stone wall response, so much that they’re no longer responding to our emails. Charming.

We have also been asking (for over three years) for a specific “pub protection” policy. We responded to a consultation back in July 2014 (yes, 2014) but whilst Brent and the Campaign for Real Ale (CamRA) agreed a policy between them, the council still has not ratified it.

Many of you emailed Brent on these two important things because they will add a layer of protection to the building. So far your voice has been completely ignored so perhaps it’s worth dropping your Councillors an email to ask when both of these will be formally adopted by the Council?

Meanwhile no news from Bah Humbug Fairview Homes. The ghost of Christmas past?