Fairview’s appeal is confirmed

Fairview Homes has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against Brent’s decision to reject their plan to demolish The Queensbury.

Back in March, Brent Council refused Fairview Homes permission to demolish The Queensbury pub, which is a Brent Council asset of community value. We have news that the developer has appealed to the government Planning Inspectorate Not the best news, but not unexpected!

An Inquiry will take place over three days (date yet to be arranged). A letter from the Inspectorate can be found here.

This process scrutinizes Brent’s decision to refuse permission to demolish The Queensbury and build a 10 storey block of flats.

It seems that Brent and Fairview have to find some “common ground” ahead of the inquiry and a statement of this common ground was submitted to the Inspectorate in May. It can be found here, on page 8, although Brent Council do not appear to have signed it:

There is no reference to the pub being an asset of community value yet this is a material planning matter, which is worrying. The council also agree that the current building makes no positive contribution to the conversation area and that the new building will secure wider benefits for the local community – yet the decision to refuse permission said the opposite!

Naturally we are contacting Brent council to point this out and will ask them to work with us in defending their earlier decision.