Welcome to the Save The Queensbury campaign

Welcome to the Save The Queensbury campaign. We were formed after residents of Willesden Green were outraged to hear of the plans to demolish our local pub and replace it with a 10 storey block of flats.

The Queensbury is more than just a pub to us. It’s a social hub and a community facility in an area that has precious little else. If the pub closes some of the hardest hit will be the local parents and babies groups who currently meet there in the mornings.

We believe that the development is fundamentally flawed for many reasons. Not least that it is in a conservation area. What’s the point of designating a conservation area then not conserving what is within it?

You can find out more about the development plans here and why they are such a bad idea. The formal consultation is currently underway and is expected to continue throughout November and December. Check back here as we will be posting regular updates.

Look out for our leaflets through your door or outside Willesden Green tube station over over the coming weeks

Please make sure you lodge your objections with Brent Council and contact us if you want to help or get involved!